Faculty Administration

1. Dean, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

    Dr. Helen Myeya

2. Associate Dean, Faculty of Humanities  and Social Sciences

    Dr. David Manyerere

3. Examination Officer

    Dr. Ubaya Msemwa

4. Heads of Departments

        i.   Dr. Evarist Fundisha                - Department of Geography and Economics

        ii.  Dr. Salehe Kaoneka                 - Department of Languages and Literature

        iii.  Dr. Shakila mteti                    - Department of History, Political Studies and Development  Studies

5. Coordinator, Confucius Centre

     Mr. Maulid Kiruya

 6. Heads of Sections

         i.   Mr. Maulid Kiruya                    - Linguistics Section

         ii.  Ms. Aneth Kasebele                 - Kiswahili Section

         iii. Ms. Joyce Swilla                      - Literature Section

         iv. Dr. Shakila Mteti                     - History Section 

         v.  Mr. Michael Mgonja                 - Political Science Section

         vi. Dr. Christopher Mulungu          - Development Studies Section 

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