To all our Users!

The Library Department is glady to inform you that we are able to access to e-resources that are under INASP. The following are the list of databases:

However, before navigating through various links, we deem it appropriate to let you know that most electronic resources to which the Library subscribes are RESTRICTED to the Mkwawa University College of Education (MUCE). You are required to use the MUCE’s IP addresses so as to access electronic resources. 

  1. Emerald Management 120 e Journal Collection
  2. JSTOR 
  3. American Chemical Society Journals and Magazines
  4. Operations Research and Management Sciences (INFORMS)
  5. Wiley Online Library Full
  6. Wiley Online Library SSH
  7. British Institute of Radiology Journals
  8. OECD iLibrary 
  9. Royal Society of Chemistry – RSC Journals Online
  10. Royal Society of Chemistry – RSC Journals Archive
  11. ASABE Technical Information Library
  12. Liebert Online
  13. American Astronomical Society
  14. Geological Society – The Lyell Collection Complete
  15. Cambridge University Press – Cambridge Journals 
  16. Royal Society – Royal Society Journals Online
  17. IMF eLibrary
  18. Taylor & Francis Journals
  19. Nature Publishing Group eJournals
  20. OSA Journals
  21. Sage Journals
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