Scholarly Electronic Publishing Weblog:

1. Bentham science (

It consists of major journal publisher of 106 online as well as print journals. It also consists of over 200 open access journals, as well as related print and online book series such as Bentham Science, biomedical as well as medical research community.

2. BOAI- Budapest Open Access Initiative (

The BOAI came up from a small and lively meeting assembled in Budapest by the Open Society Institute (OSI) on 2001. The purpose BOAI is to accelerate the international effort so as to make research articles in academic fields available freely on the internet.

3. DOAJ-Directory of Open Access Journals (

This is a full and free quality scientific as well as scholarly journal, comprising of almost all subjects, including education. The goal of the DOAJ is to enlarge the ease of use of open access scientific as well as scholarly journals. Its increases visibility and promote usage as well as impact.

4. Journal of Educational Technology & Society (

Educational Technology and Society look for academic articles related to the issues which affecting the educators and developers of educational systems who implement as well as manage such systems. The articles focus and discuss the perspectives of both communities as well as their relation to one another.

5. Open J-Gate (

Open J-Gate is an e-gateway to global journal literature in OS domain, established in the year 2006. Its offers access to online journal articles, including a database of journal literature which indexed from about 8872 open access journals, together with full text links at Publisher sites.

6. Oxford journals (

Oxford Journals publish over 230 academic as well as research journals covering a broad range of subject areas. Its consists of fully open access journals such as Bioscience Horizons, DNA Research, Database, Biology and Evolution, Genome, AoB, NAR na AoB Plants.

7. World Wide Science (

This is a global science gateway that speeds up progress and scientific discovery via a mutual partnership so as to enable united searching of both national as well as international scientific databases.

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