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Welcome to the Internationalisation and External Link Section at Mkwawa University College of Education (MUCE), a Constituent College of the University of Dar es Salaam. Mkwawa University College of Education is located in Iringa region Southern part of Tanzania.  Iringa is a tourist attraction region with plateaus and Ruaha National Park which is second largest park in Tanzania with an abundance of wildlife. The region has a tropical climate. It experiences a rainy season between November and May while the period between June and September is cold and dry.  

MUCE was established in 2005 and currently has about 5,303 students and 159 teaching staff. The core functions of the University are teaching, research and public services geared at transforming the society and enhancing intellectual wealth for sustainable and inclusive development. MUCE has three faculties: Faculty of Education (FoED), Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (FHSS) and Faculty of Science (FoS).  MUCE offers various undergraduate and postgraduate education programmes leading to the award of various degrees in education. Undergraduate degree programmes offered at various academic units are: Bachelor of Education in Arts (B.Ed. Arts), Bachelor of Education in Science (B.Ed. Science), Bachelor of Arts with Education (B.A. Education) and Bachelor of Science with Education (B.Sc. Education). MUCE also offers Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE), Master of Arts with Education (M.A.Ed., Geography Stream) and Master of Science with Education (M.Sc.Ed. Biology and Chemistry Streams).

In line with the current globalisation trends, universities and higher learning institutions in general have strengthened their energies to internationalise higher education. The University of Dar es Salaam through its Vision 2061 commits itself to internationalisation as one of the key elements in teaching, research and public services. In the Vision, University of Dar es Salaam aspires to become one of the top ranking institutions of choice for students and staff in Africa, distinguished for its outstanding scholarship, research, and public services. The 2015 University of Dar es Salaam Internationalization Policy seeks to promote a broad understanding of internationalisation and mainstream it into its mission, organizational structure, plans and budgets, to become a global leader in research, teaching and learning and public service. Visibility of the University’s research and academic programmes is very critical in efforts to make up one of the leading research-intensive universities in Africa and outside Africa.

Established in December 2018, Internationalisation and External Links Section at MUCE aims to link the University with the external and international world based on core functions.  MUCE welcomes cooperation (twinning) with international and national universities and institutions. The purpose of twinning is to build strong institutional capacity between and within countries. Twinning improves organizational efficiency and effectiveness by providing the recipient organization with an opportunity to learn through concrete examples and practical applications provided directly by its more experienced “twin” organization. Universities will be twinned in sharing expertise and skills, enhance educational opportunities for students and staff collegiality, building university networks and inter university cooperation, joint projects, sabbatical leave, joint  programme designs,  sustainable organizational capacity building; long-term cooperation that continues after project completion;  and other actives such as short- and long-term placement of experts, advisory and consultant services, study tours and periodical visits, diversification of cultures at universities, training events (formal and on-the-job), and provision of specific services (e.g. technical aid).  

The doors are open to international students, academics, administrative staff, collaborative researchers, policymakers, funding organisations and other stakeholders to collaborate with Mkwawa University.

You are warmly welcome.


Dr. Joyce G. Mbepera

Head of Section

Internationalisation and External Link

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