The College Library is the main academic organ of MUCE responsible for the acquisition, maintenance of literary materials and reader services. The library has a 33x31m floor area for readers and at the moment a capacity to accommodate 500 readers at a time.

MUCE library expanded not only in terms of academic programmes but also student enrolments. Since then the need for expanded library services, resources and facilities as well as space demand for reading, shelving, ICT facilities and electronic materials including offices space have been felt.

For the future changes that are needed for the university library has to take number of measures. These include: subscription of full text electronic journals and bibliographic databases, creation of online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) for the entire university community. Other measures are the introduction of user training programme in literacy skills, expansion of the physical facilities, computerization of in house activities- cataloguing, and circulation.


The vision of MUCE Library is: To be a leading academic centre of excellence in the provision, dissemination and preservation of knowledge in the country.


To provide contemporary information services that will empower the University in carrying out its core activities of teaching and learning.

Core Values:

  1. Transparency - we value integrity and accountability in services providing.
  2. Quality service - we value library service and that is credible, responsible that support to teaching and learning.
  3. Diversity - we value diversity and cultures of intellectual freedom in providing open and inclusive access to information.
  4. Collaboration - we value cooperation and teamwork in all aspects of our work within the university and with our partner institutions.

Functions of the MUCE Library:

  1. To support the mission of the University as centre of excellence in knowledge capacity building through provision of relevant and timely information that enhances teaching and learning functions.
  2. To guide and train users in accessing relevant information efficiently.


Library Opening Hours


Weekly Days

Opening Hours


Monday – Saturday

08.00 am - 10.30 pm

Sundays & Public Holidays

02.30 pm - 10.30 pm





Monday – Friday

08.00 am - 04.00 pm

Saturdays, Sundays & Public Holidays


Library Services

Special Reserve Materials: This service is extremely valued by the users because it makes core reading materials available to a wider section of the students.

General Collection Service: This is a direct service where users are free to go to the shelf and select what he/she wants to read.

Reference Collection Service: Materials in the Reference Collection may be read only within the library.

New Acquisitions Service: Accession List, listing recently acquired materials is issued periodically to library users.

Inter-Library Loan Service: is an agreement between one library management and another, in borrowing materials from other libraries or obtain photocopies of journal articles or book chapter from titles that are not owned or available within our collection. Materials from UDSM Library, DUCE library and other institutions may be borrowed using this facility.

Readers Service: Users are allowed to use library collections during official hours for reading.

Photocopying Service: The Library allow their users by special arrangement to go outside with a book needed for photocopying service.

Newspaper Service: Both current (Tanzanian daily/weekly newspapers) and retrospective issues are available in the library.

Internet Service: Users can search electronic databases, journals etc via internet

Other services provided by the library include document delivery services, electronic references services, and Current Awareness Services (CAS) and information literacy training for library users.