Bursaries and Fees

1. Application fee

Applicants will be required to pay a non-refundable fee as follows: TZS 50,000/= FOR Tanzanian applicants and USD 50 for Non-Tanzanian applicants.

2. Tuition fee

The standard University of Dar es Salaam fee structure will apply for both Tanzanians and Non-Tanzanians, as follows:

i   Tuition fee for the MSc. Ed. programme is TZS 4,250,000.00 for Tanzanians and USD 6,150.00 for Non-Tanzanians,

ii  Tuition fee for the MA. Ed. programme is TZS 5,500,000.00 for Tanzanians and USD 6,150.00 for Non-Tanzanians,

iii Tuition fee for the PGDE programme is TZS 2,600,000.00 for Tanzanians and USD 3,075.00 for Non-Tanzanians.

3. Mode of payment

Application and tuition fees should be paid through bank with the following details:

      Bank Name: CRDB Bank

      Branch Name: MKWAWA

      Account Name: Mkwawa University College of Education

      Account Number: 01J1071134815

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