General information

The Faculty of Education (FoED) is one of the three Faculties of Mkwawa University College of Education (MUCE) established in 2005/2006. The Faculty’s mission is to produce teachers with professional practice, character, commitment, interest, passion in teaching. It aspires to develop teachers for Primary, secondary and tertiary levels of education and other educational professionals and practitioners with world class standards and skills of the 21st century. This desire is achieved though providing quality pre-service education programmes that produce effective teachers with appropriate and adequate knowledge, skills, passion and proficiency, and who are globally competitive and capable of meeting and overcoming challenges of a dynamic world. The faculty has highly qualified and competent national and international world class scholars in different areas of educational specializations spread across the two academic units, who engage themselves into teaching, research, leadership, mentoring as well as providing community services.

Faculty Specific Objectives


The objectives of this Faculty are:

  1. To educate, train and mentor teachers who are passionately committed to providing effective teaching services.
  2. To equip student with modern teaching and research skills
  3. To produce competent teachers with the appropriate and adequate, knowledge, skills, passion and proficiency to meet the challenges of teaching in the 21st Century.
  4. To produce teachers who have a strong knowledge of subject matter and effective methods of delivery in their respect fields of specialization.
  5. To pass out teachers who are highly competitive in the education labour market.

Academic Departments

The Faculty has two Departments:

  1. Educational Psychology and Curriculum Studies department {Offers a wide range of courses that build foundational knowledge and skills in teaching on areas of Educational Psychology and Curriculum and Teaching studies}
  2. Education Foundations and Management department {Offers a wide range of courses in areas of Educational Foundations and lifelong learning and the educational management and administration}

Academic and Professional Programs Offered

The faculty offers two 3-years undergraduate degree programmes and a one year postgraduate programme leading to the following academic qualifications:

  1. Bachelor of Education Arts [B.Ed. (Arts)] for pre-and in-service teachers
  2. Bachelor of Education Science [B.Ed. (Science)] for pre-and in-service teachers
  3. Postgraduate Diploma in Education [ PGDE] for those with a non-education first degree who wish to gain a professional qualification for teaching
  4. Plans are underway to develop masters programs in education for those who wish to pursue further studies for a higher qualification in education.  

NB:    While content courses are offered in the Faculty of Science and Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences; the professional and pedagogical courses are offered in the Faculty of Education.