The faculty offers two 3-years undergraduate degree programmes leading to the following first degrees:

  • Bachelor of Education Arts [B.Ed. (Arts)]
  • Bachelor of Education Science [B.Ed. (Science)]

While content courses are offered in the Faculties of Science and Humanities and Social Sciences, professional and pedagogical courses are offered within the Faculty's four departments which are.

  • Department of Curriculum and Teaching
  • Department of Educational Foundations
  • Department of Education Psychology
  • Department of Educational Planning and Administration

The Bachelor of Education Programme (B.Ed.)

The B.Ed. programme aims at producing teacher educators, trainers, counsellors and other educational managers for the education system. Graduates from this programme will acquire:

  • Sufficient depth in one academic discipline, focusing on development of concepts and ideas as well as basic requirements of modern school curriculum;
  • Effective teaching ability in one academic subject in Science, Arts, or Languages at sufficient depth to allow and to handle teaching up to advanced level secondary education;
  • Entrance ability to teach education courses (curriculum, psychology, adult education, physical education, foundation and educational management) or run in-service programs for teachers at diploma and certificate level;
  • Management skills of schools, and education departments, classrooms, learning and teaching programs;
  • Ability to plan teaching and learning units, programs, lessons and executing the plans effectively;
  • Skills in doing sample action research in order to improve teaching and learning at the appropriate level;
  • Ability to assess effectively and provide feedback to learners;
  • Skills for guiding and counseling learners.