The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences comprises of seven academic departments and two units which are:

  • Department of Linguistics
  • Department of Literature
  • Department of Kiswahili
  • Department of Civics and Social Studies
  • Department of History
  • Department of Economics and Commerce
  • Department of Geography.

These departments and units have been combined to form four units as follows:

  • Economics and Commerce
  • Geography
  • Development Studies, Civics and Social Studies, and History
  • Languages and Literature.

These units are headed by unit coordinators.

The bachelor of Arts with Education programme (B.A. Education)

The faculty offers a three-year degree programme leading to the Bachelor of Arts with Education Degree. The program is designed to produce sufficient and quality graduate teachers to cope with the demand of secondary education development programme (SEDP). It is designed to enable students develop the competencies to:

  • Teach two academic subjects in the Arts domain;
  • Provide leadership in academic disciplines at the school;
  • Plan teaching and learning, execute the plans and manage teaching and learning effectively;
  • Do simple action research to improve teaching and learning;
  • Assess effectively and provide feedback to learners.