A limited number of rooms in the halls of residence are available on application before the beginning of the academic year. Accommodation in the Halls is therefore not guaranteed for every student. Students are urged to find their own accommodation outside the campus. At present there are six Halls o Residence with total capacity o accommodating 1,122 students.

Payment for accommodation is made through MUCE CRDB Account Number 01J1071134815 (Mkwawa Branch). No student will be given a room in the Halls of Residence until s/he has paid the prescribed rent. Priority for on – campus accommodation will be given to students with disabilities, foreign students and female first year students. Students are required to keep their original Pay-in Slips for submission to the Bursar to be issued MUCE receipt. Currently the price per student per day is Tshs. 800.00 x 120 days per each semester. In addition, students are required to pay accommodation caution money of Tshs. 10,000.00 payable once during the first year.

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