MUCE offers six postgraduate programmes leading to the award of master degrees and postgraduate diploma. These are: Masters of Science with Education (M.Sc. Education), Masters of Arts with Education (M.A. Education), Master of Science in Mathematical Modelling, Master of Science in Applied Botany, Master of Science in Applied Zoology and Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE).

The Masters of Science with Education programme is intended for graduate science teachers who want to expand scope and depth of their knowledge base in the major areas of natural science and mathematics, and advance ones professional career as a science teacher. In order to cater for the large number of science teachers, the programme is offered in the mode of course-work and dissertation and the duration is two years, on a full time basis and three years on part-time basis. The coursework programme component consists of science discipline-based and education courses. A candidate shall major in only one science (or mathematics) subject.

Master of Science in Mathematical Modelling

The programme intends to create a critical mass of well-educated and competent Mathematics graduates equipped with the necessary knowledge, skills and attitude to address pressing societal problems effectively. Graduates of Master of Science in Mathematical Modelling will have developed skills for modelling of various physical phenomenon and analyzing mathematical models for different phenomenon and hence apply the skills in modelling distinct issues of real world.

Master of Science in Applied Botany and Master of Science in Applied Zoology programmes intend to equip graduates with skills to address pressing societal challenges related to botany, zoology, and associated environment. The graduates will acquire skills on how to address issues related to Biology, Botany, Zoology and related disciplines such as entomology, parasitology, animal science, biotechnology, microbiology, wildlife and conservation, public health and biochemistry depending on one’s field of specialisation. Applicants who lack some prerequisite subjects will be required to undertake recommended courses at undergraduate level. This will be determined upon inspection of the candidate’s previous training and experience.

The Masters of Arts with Education is designed to prepare a person who wishes to pursue advanced professional development in the content and pedagogy of Geography (e.g. a teacher in Geography, a community-based specialist, curriculum consultant or advocate in Geographical issues). For individuals who wish to continue working in teaching profession, this programme provides a basis through which a graduate will become a qualified teacher in both content and pedagogy. The programme is intended for Geography educators who want to further develop subject mastery and pedagogical, scholarly, research and leadership abilities through in-depth study in theory and practice.

The Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) which is offered by evening mode is aimed at those who intend to work or are already working within the education sector and wish to join the teaching profession. The programme leads to certification in the teaching profession equivalent to B. Sc. Ed, B.A. Ed. or B.Ed. degrees. The PGDE (Evening) programme in particular will be offered flexibly to individuals who wish to develop a carrier in teaching but are unable to attend a regular similar fulltime programme due to time constraint or work demands. This programme is, therefore, unique in that it makes it possible to combine work and studies.


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