Bursaries and Fees

  1. Application fee

Applicants will be required to pay a non-refundable fee as follows: TZS 50,000/= FOR Tanzanian applicants and USD 50 for Non-Tanzanian applicants.

  1. Tuition fee

The standard University of Dar es Salaam fee structure will apply for both Tanzanians and Non-Tanzanians, as follows:

  1.  Tuition fee for all MSc. programmes is TZS 4,250,000.00 for Tanzanians and USD 6,150.00 for Non-Tanzanians,
  2. Tuition fee for the MA. Ed. programme is TZS 4,000,000.00 for Tanzanians and USD 6,150.00 for Non-Tanzanians,

iii. Tuition fee for the PGDE programme is TZS 2,600,000.00 for Tanzanians and USD 3,075.00 for Non-Tanzanians.

  1. Mode of payment

All payments are paid through bank accounts or mobile money using control numbers. The application fee is paid before submitting the application and other payments are paid after receiving the admission letter.

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