nimecopy UD inatakiwa kuwa edited na idara husika

This is known as Dar es Salaam University Students Organization and it is abbreviated as DARUSO.  Every student who is registered at this University is automatically a member of this organization.  DARUSO is structured by three main organs namely cabinet, University Students Representative Council (USRC) and DARUSO Board.
The cabinet comprises of President of DARUSO, His/her Vice President, Prime Minister and Ministers of various ministries.
The USRC comprises of all students representing their fellows from their classes, faculties and Halls or hostels.  Others are appointees by the USRC Speaker and the cabinet members are also included in USRC.
DARUSO board is a quasi judicial organ which deals with disciplinary matters for DARUSO leaders.  It is formed by Faculty Chairpersons and Secretaries.
The role of the cabinet is to run the DARUSO government through its ministries which are formed by the President, Vice-president and Prime Minister.
The USRC has the roles of discussing matters concerning students and making final decisions and order the cabinet and DARUSO Board to implement.  But USRC decisions should not contradict with the prevailing documents such as University Charter and Students By-Laws.

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